Happy 2 year Anniversary to Us!❤💕

2 years ago today we began our journey being separated by 253 miles & no one around us believing it would actually work but US. We have faced ups & downs together, beating the odds one step at a time. Closing the distance finally on May 6, 2017. Just when I think I can’t fall more in love with you, I do. You have become my best friend and the person I love on good days & bad. I’m so proud that through whatever life has thrown at us, we have ALWAYS proved the rest of them wrong, amazing them with our strength, faith and love between eachother. I look forward to so many years together with you by my side. I love you to the moon & back my love. We have come so very far in 2 years & waking up to you today is a gift, I don’t take for granted. It’s amazing how one person can come into your life & change it for the better. Happy 2 year anniversary to us. We have gotten stronger and I’m so glad to call him mine. He is a blessing in disguise and I thank god for the day we crossed paths. I could not have imagined 2 years ago we would be here: living the closed distance life together. I love him more than the year before. We have each others hearts.



One Month & A Day.

Hello Y’all! I can’t believe it’s been one month & a day since we closed the distance. Life definitely has a way of getting real after the distance is’nt a factor. It is still an adjustment period-full of ups & downs and lots of changes. I’m still so happy to be here & can’t believe we have been a “normal couple” for a whole month.

I have been transitioning to life away from Texas. Trying to find work out here & get settled in. I finally got my address changed for the first time ever, which is exciting & new all at the same time.

I’m in the process of getting my healthcare license switched to Louisianna so that I can get some income circulating. My job search has’nt been too successful so I’m resorting to that option.

All in all closed distance life is AMAZING😍😍😍😍…& i’m even more excited that we will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary on the 12th…permanently together.

2 Weeks Since We Closed The Distance!

Today marks 2 weeks since we closed the distance & I left Texas in my rearview.😊 It’s so funny how we imagine life to be after closing the distance vs. the reality of how closing the distance actually looks. I have had my moments where I have missed home.🙁 I come from a suburbian town in Texas, while where J resides is more country living lifestyle and slowed down, so adjusting is a understatement. We have had some petty arguments, which comes with the territory of merging lives. It is’nt just like a normal visit like all the other times before, but an actual life change. It’s a huge adjustment on both out parts being under the same roof. I was homesick alot almost the whole 2 weeks, feeling very out of my element,but here recently I have been handling the change a bit better…getting settled into my new normal.
We went out today & actually purchased a wall calendar….& that is what makes the fact that i’m now not just visting, but actually starting a life without the distance with this person.🤗 We are both learning eachother & how we operate as individuals & meeting in the middle.
It’s still an adjustment period…but I would rather adjust to living life closed distance, than living life without him in my life.
I’m happy we have closed the distance 2 weeks ago & at the end of it all no matter what, i’m learning the greatest thing in life to hold on to is definitely eachother.😍💑

Since we are no longer LDR, I’m looking forward to changing the blog up soon.


The Best News Ever to Share!

So i have exciting news to share with y’all. WE CLOSED THE DISTANCE TODAY.
AFTER 22.5 months  & a week apart.
I’m proud as fuck to say we are LDR NO MORE!

I want to say keep the faith & as always fight the distance because in the end the distance is temporary,but your love is permanent. I will still be on here blogging about life with J & I after the LDR.

I look forward to all of y’all joining us on our new journey together. This is the ultimate bliss to what feels like the longest journey ever.

6/12/15—->distance began 253 miles apart
5/6/17—->distance closed





I’m so grateful for a new week. J had the flu a majority of last week since he returned to Louisiana. Having the monthly vistor and trying to readjust to being apart again has been a bit rough on my end. The distance makes you argue over the tiniest things y’all add in the fact that I can be ultra sensitive it feels like a enotional train wreak. I’m hoping this week will be a bit more smoother and im way less emotional. I have my days where I miss him so much my heart aches. I know he is worth the rough days & the small rough patches we face apart. I can’t wait to be with him again. I’m grateful for time passing because im a week closer to when I will see him again. I’m grateful for time changing minds, healing hurts, and bringing us that much closer to the next time we are reunited. Sometimes we must be grateful, grateful for love despite ourselves.

Keep the faith & fight the distance-


A Much Needed Visit.

So we spent a wonderful 8 days together. It was so needed after what felt like an eternity apart. It felt so good to feel his arms wrapped around me when we hugged after so many months apart. The kiss was magical. We spent alot of quality time together. We went to the beach, park, out to eat, shopping and the movies while he was here. He even bought me my favorite lotion I wanted from the mall we went to when he was here & i’m waiting on it to arrive in the mail as we speak. Of course I cried a few times before he left, totally dreaded having to say see you soon again. We got to spend a extra hour together before he left and it was awesome taking some last pictures together, just enjoying each other’s company.

I’m so grateful for the time we got to spend together & just be us and feel like a real couple if only for a week and a day. I miss him so much since he left on Saturday evening. All in all that visit was definitely much needed and just made me feel so much more connected and in love with him than before. We are stronger now because of our extended time apart before this visit.


Love Over Distance.

I can’t believe after 3.5 month & 2days plus 15 hours or less I will finally be seeing J again for our 10th visit today.December 29th seems eternities away and as pablo neurado says all the nights apart have lead to this one night together….or something to that effect.

It may be months or longer than expected that you have to wait at times, but the wait will end…even if temporary…& you will bask in the elated joy of once again having your whole heart complete & feeling everything is right with the world all because your love survived the distance…once more & you, my friend have survived the despite…even through the day you could’nt even phatom how you ever could.

Love has conquered all yet again.