22 months Yippe!

Today marks 22 months in LDR with J. I’m so looking forward to spending time with him on Saturday & the whole week he will be here. It’s full of ups & downs but it’s worth it y’all. I can’t wait to be reunited soon & I’m looking forward to more months ahead for us.

How long have y’all been in a LDR?


Keep the faith & fight the distance y’all.


So Much To Do In So Little Time.👫⏰

Hey Y’all!

So in 4 days & a wake up & some hours into the evening I will be seeing my love again after over 3.5 months apart this go-round. I must say im definitely ecstatic about it reuniting with him soon. God knows alot has transpired since we last saw eachother, and what I wouldnt do at this point to be in his arms.

I have so much to do between now & actually reuniting with him it’s crazy. For starters I have home work which if im lucky will take me til tomorrow or mid-week at the latest. Thrusday I have a very important appointment then Friday i have a hair appointment. Saturday AM i’m going to do any last minute things like shave , triple check the guest room is in order for him etc.

So as you can tell my week is filled with all sorts of fun stuff to keep me busy, not to mention traveling into town to pick him up & being on time, which I usually ebd up being an hour early at least. I already have an outfit picked out with shoes & a purse.

So my week is definitely going to fly by…I can’t wait to see him Saturday evening.


10 DAYS!

This AM I woke up to the best webcam call EVER! He officially got his ticket today & we will FINALLY be seeing each other again after over 3.5 months apart. I so can’t wait to be his arms again & hug him so tight. It has been a long time coming feels like. I just had to share my good news. Good things definitely come to those who wait y’all!!!!

10 days away from being with my love for a whole week!!!!!


Sad News To Share.

I don’t know how to really start this post, but I really need J here more than ever. Last night my cousin died. I’m feeling alot of things & I just wish he was here to console me. Here to just hug me. It’s hard grieving when you are alone. I don’t how to cope. The weather outside is dark and gloomy. What do you do when you physically need them here? Not just because you want them here, but to help you get through it. Get through the process of losing someone. I have to prepare myself for a funeral & i’m not sure how to process that let a long go through all of this away from my SO. I pray we are reunited in April cause I don’t know how much more emotional stuff I can take from this month alone…much longer.


Feeling Impatient.


No matter how many years pass, how much distance exists between us, wherever we are in the world—even if the universe itself tries to keep us separated—I will always find my way to you.

Today I definitely am feeling the time spent in an LDR with J & i’m wishing so bad we could just close the distance. We are waiting on some thing major to fall in place in order for us to be able to close the distance for good though. With that being said i’m stuck waiting until the stars align & everything is set up for us to finally close the distance.

I know the waiting on this major thing to fall in place is going to be all worth it in the end…it just becomes hard to wait you want to start your life-with out the distance between you and the one you love.

We have a plan it’s just waiting for the plan to move forward…so we as a couple (#teamUS as I like to call us) can begin moving forward.

My love always tells me we just have to be patient, it’s all going to work out, it just takes time.  I’m not giving up…I just get impatient at times. Impatient because Im so ready to close the distance & begin a new chapter with my love.

All the waiting will be worth it in the end.


A Low Day.

Not knowing for certain when J & I will see eachother again for certain is taking it’s toll on me. No official date. No marking the days off on the calendar. Just stuck in the grey area of the unknown. I love him, but today the distance is making me weak, barely able to hang on.

It does’nt help my cycle is here & we had a petty disagreement. I miss him. I miss us spending actual time together. I miss being able to lay in his arms & knowing that we are OK. Touching his face. Caressing his skin. Listening to his heart beat inside his chest.

Im having one of the lowest days I’ve had in awhile. One of those days that i’m going to have to get through it…by crying until no tears can come out my eyes. I’m just ready for a date. A date to know he is coming back to me. A date to look forward to being reunited. A date to end this temporary time apart until it begin again…

How do you get through your low days when you are barely hanging on?


21 months!

Yesterday marked 21 months of us being a couple in a LDR. 21 months is a bit over the usual year and half mark people normally “survive” in a LDR before having to close the distance according to what I heard an expert say on a podcast a few weeks back. I guess you could say we are beating the odds, even by professional stand points. I’m still hoping to see him next month. School recently started back up & has had me pretty busy. My love & I are still going strong & holding on. The distance is tough y’all, but the love we share with our S.O. is definitely stronger.

Keep the faith & as always fight the distance,