Mid-May Thoughts.

So happy to report that my family came down the 1st weekend in May & we had a blast. We went out to eat & spent a bunch of quality time together, creating new memories along the way. I hated to see them leave though. Also I have officially been in Louisiana for a year and some weeks now. Crazy how much has changed within a year. We went from living with his family to finally getting out apartment last July and being together on our own.
It’s crazy to imagine we closed the distance over a year ago and here we are nearing 3 years together next month.
I’m super excited about our upcoming anniversary & I can’t believe a simple “hello” online has turned into all of this for us.

I have been making myself more of a priority getting my health overall in better shape lately & trying to hang in there with school seeing how I have one more class left & that AA degree will be mine y’all.


It’s Finally May!!!

I can’t believe it’s May already y’all. That means that this weekend is right around the corner, & i’m that much closer to seeing my family this coming weekend. I’m so excited I really can’t wait. Another good thing that happened recently is that I FINALLY PETITIONED TO GRADUATE & I HAVE A GRADUATION DATE NOW!👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓
I have 2 more classes left & I will have my AA degree finally. My GPA is a 3.09 after this last term & i’m going to be focusing hard on raising my gpa before I graduate.

Another thing im excited about this month is that on the 6th it will be a whole entire year since J & I have successfully closed the distance. It’s amazing that we have been on this closed distance life journey for almost a year now y’all.
It’s May finally and i’m so excited about all the good things happening around me right now y’all.

What are you looking forward to in this new month?

Getting Better Adjusted

Hey Y’all!

How has it been going y’all?
I’m doing ok been busy getting my mental health in order and focusing on the last few weeks of this writing workshop class. I’m so amazed at the fact that J and I have been together for 2 years and 10 months and 3 days. It’s amazing how meeting online one night has turned into all of this between us.
I have been so distracted these last few weeks, my mind has been all over the place. Recently started taking my anxiety medicine again so I’m feeling a bit more clear headed.

I’m a bit excited for May to get here because it marks a year since we closed the distance, and my mom and siblings are going to be trying to come up here and see us. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family once again. I MISS THEM SO MUCH Y’ALL.

It was so hard being away from my family for so long, but that visit really helped me feel that home sick void and help me adjust better to being away from them than how I was before.

I have been finding new ways to stay organized which is a lot better than procrastinating til the last minute. A check off list is my saving grace right now.

J and I are doing really good focusing on being healthier, and we even got a grill to use in doors that makes cooking dinner a breeze for us now.

What have y’all been up too lately? Anything interesting?

-Norah Doll

Loving The Spring Time.

Spring is finally among us here in Louisianna and I could’nt be more happier about it. In the last two weeks I have been focusing more on getting in shape. I’m enjoying being outside in the nice weather and seeing nature in bloom all around me. Since the visit back home, I have been coping alot better with being away from them.
Babes and I have been working out together to be more healthier. I love cooking and trying new recipes that are healthier. Currently as I write this post, I have some Italian Chicken breasts with potatoe wedges baking in the oven. 😋
This week i’m trying to focus more on school, but my mind is so distracted lately about what I want career wise, & it’s driving me nuts. I know I definitely don’t want to be in health care. Focusing on me and every thing I have going on with school and my health on top of J and I, it’s a good juggling act.

What are you doing to celebrate the Spring?

To Texas & Back Again.

Hey Y’all!

Today makes 33 months with J and me. 2 years and 9 months. I’m feeling pretty refreshed y’all. I FINALLY went to Texas after 10 months of being here in Louisianna. It felt so good seeing my family & spendng some much needed quality time together. We had alot of fun visiting family and the neighbors. We went to the rodeo carnival & had some fried cheesecake. It was yummy y’all. Felt good to make some memories with my family & I brought back some things from home to make this place more home-like for me.
I decided to start trying to find some home decor things, but so far I have’nt found the exact pieces I want to use to decor our apartment with. It felt so good to go on a 2nd road trip with babes and even better to come back here and start to make it feel more like home. That vacation was much needed to help with all the home sickness.

More Me Time, Less Wasting My Time.

A copulw of days ago I closed a chapter in my life & I could’nt be happier about it. I QUIT MY JOB! The job that was causing me so much stress, the job that was’nt treating me right, the job that was’nt letting me see my family, the job that I worked so much my grades had starting slipping, my sleep schedule was completely off. This job was HELL.🤬🤬🤬( to put it nicely) They were so unprofessional I left them a message (only way I could get in touch with them) resigning & never heard a word back.
I personallly went & showed my face so to make sure they got the picture I was done and they did & had the nerve to say goodluck. As if i’m trying to win the lottery or something. It feels so good to have a break & take some time away to do what i want on my time. To not have to be under all these strict rules. I finally have time to focus alot more on school & my health, & some time to figure out my next move job wise.

I can’t wait til next month to FINALLY go vist my family, I havent seen them since last May. Sometimes we must do what’s best for us,even if those around us don’t understand it.


Just Another Day

So today is officially Valentine’s Day for some people across the world, but for me it’s just another day. I’m exhausted from work last night, so it’s a miracle i’m even awake right now to write this post. Guess cause i’m still in bed. I love that at least this year, i’m waking up next to him instead of apart from him like the years before. Grateful that we closed the distance last year and have celebrated alot of 1st holidays together as a real couple.

While the rest of the world is out tonight with thier special person celebrating their love etc. in whatever way they see fit. I will be at work, stressed out & ready to come back home. This job has really been rough lately esp. after a work related injury I substained & the careless actions that were shown towards me. Needless to say today started in tears at 12 AM from
me being overwhelmed and stressed.

We both have to work today so our valentine’s day is tomorrow & we are going out to dinner. At the end of the day today is’nt about fancy gifts and elaborate displays of affections, it’s about the love you share with that special someone out of everyone else in the world.

How are you spending today?