Life-Changing News.

Life has definitely been changing recently. The weather, the seasons, life in general. Work has been exhuasting while the pay has’nt been quite enough. Recently I had a health scare & ended up in the ER for a few days.
It was scary and life altering to say the least. I was so glad to have J by my side as I navigate through the 1st days of a scary diagnosis. It really puts life into perspective when your life is on the line. The people by your side & the time we waste on small insignificant things each day. Life is meant to be lived.
I have to change the way I eat and work out more in order to save my life. In the scariest moment of my life, finding out I now have Type 2 Diabetes, i’m so grateful to have J to hold onto. It’s life-changing for both of us but we will navigate it together.


Fresh & New!

As I write this post I am a fresh 30 years old as of Wed. & I vowed to alot more things that make me happy without the approval of others being needed. Also as I write this i’m at work,new place same field healthcare.

I’m so glad to have J by my side as I walked into a new decade of my life confident ready to conquer the world.
We went out to eat at a steak house & spent some of the night at a casino. Overall I had a wonderful birthday, missed my family being around me in those special occasions.
I’m planning on seeing them in December hopefully.

Healthcare is’nt the best fit for me but it pays the bills….
I’ve been itching to go on a vacation with babes, just to get away & have a piece of mind.

I love how after a long hard day at work, I can come home & he will be glad to see me & I can tell he missed me so very much.
The best part of my day is being with him and jusy being us….letting the whole world disappear.

Letter To Myself.

I’m so glad it’s September finally. I’m looking forward to cooler weather towards the middle of the month. I’m so over this Louisianna heat…definitely worse than a Texas summer. We are more than half way through this year, it really has flown by. I can’t believe that in 19 days I will no longer be in my twenties. I will be 30.
I have learned alot in my twenties, such as make yourself a priority cause no one else will. I have learned that letting shit go is way better than holding on to it. Be true to myself & seek help when needed. Love unapolegetically and do what you want reguardless of others opinion- Live Life.
Alot of people are’nt worth your time, leaving a few people that actually are. Don’t go with the crowd, stand out. Accept your flaws & imperfections they are what made you unique out of everyone else. It’s okay if you dont have it all figure out, just as long as you keep moving forward.
Just some things I want to vent out before turning the page on a new chapter of life on the 20th of this month.
Life is so full of ups & downs, it’s all about how we learn to ride the waves in the end.

A Fresh New Week

I’m so glad it’s a fresh new week. I realized after much consideration the hospitality field was NOT for me, so I resigned. My job search continues on. ADHD makes it very hard for me to hold down a job, but due to another mental illness that I face I currently can’t get any ADHD meds, since it will make my other condition worse. So i’m hanging in there & trying to manage my ADHD unmedicated still. I have been trying to find better ways to budget my money & the best way to decorate our walls. I’m so over these plain white walls y’all. I’m at the very end of this online Math class & let me tell y’all I could’nt be happier that it is ALMOST OVER. Even happier about the fact that I will be passing it!(Woo Hoo)!
It feels so good to have our own space for a little over a month now. I love waking up next to him & ending my day next to him, no matter what transpired throughout the day.
It’s so crazy to have our own place & i’m grateful for the internet esp. for school purposes.
I love living life with J by my side….& I love fresh starts to a sucky week before even better!


Life Has Been Quite Busy Lately Y’all.

Hi World!
Taking time out of my busy life to update y’all! I can’t believe it has been a whole 90 Days since we closed the distance. 3 whole months since I have been in Texas. The adjustment to the weather & people here has been major. They are WAY different than the people from back home, not as friendly by a long shot y’all. We have been in our new apartment for less than a month still & it feels amazing being on our own & tryig to figure out the best way to budget finances together. Things are slowly coming along with purchasing things to make it feel more like home instead of that we -just-moved-in yesterday feeling. I have been working alot at a hotel not too far from our home, & lets just say making the switch from healthcare to hospitality has been a MAJOR ADJUSTMENT.

School has definitely been keeping me busy though because due to my schedule at work, i’ve been falling quite behind. Slowly catching up though & thanking God the class has only 2 more weeks.

J & I have been pretty good, coping ok since the loss of his dad. I have even decided to take up an interest in some thing he loves: X-Box One. I must admit it’s pretty fun playing video games ( just don’t tell J I said that 😂)when your SO is more skilled ( & by skilled i mean like a professional gamer compared to me)in it than you…& you are like such an beginner it’s not even funny.

What are some hobbies that you & your SO both enjoy?


Gains & Losses.

We officially have moved into our OWN APARTMENT & honestly we could’nt be happier. I’m even more excited to ditch my library card…for wi-fi at our home in a couple of days FINALLY. I’m loving our new city as it is the same city we went on our 1st date, the first city we spent quality time with each other in after meeting face-to-face. Bossier City dare I say it….feels a bit like my home away from home. Everything is right here with-in 5 miles or less by car for the most part. I even have a interview lined-up. It feels like such a huge breath of air being here finally after all we have gone through in order to get here…together as a team.
As all these major changes happened…we were also hit with some heartbreaking news today: the loss of J’s dad. We are both at a loss but are definitely helping each other cope. All I can ask is to keep us in your prayers.

Keep the faith.💙

Welcome To July & Good Things!

Hello World!
Today marks 2 months since we closed the distance & life has been crazy busy. I can say it has gotten a bit more normal than at first doing our day-day routine. I finally got my liscense switched and I got a part-time job, which i’m hoping I can better manage with my school schedule.
I’m also excited that we FINALLY got approved for our apartment & am looking forward to our big move on our own in the next couple of weeks.
Overall, each day is a new adventure and gets more like “home” the longer im here. So excited for our big move into our own place, lord knows it is some thing we have both wanted for awhile.

Keep the faith,