To Texas & Back Again.

Hey Y’all!

Today makes 33 months with J and me. 2 years and 9 months. I’m feeling pretty refreshed y’all. I FINALLY went to Texas after 10 months of being here in Louisianna. It felt so good seeing my family & spendng some much needed quality time together. We had alot of fun visiting family and the neighbors. We went to the rodeo carnival & had some fried cheesecake. It was yummy y’all. Felt good to make some memories with my family & I brought back some things from home to make this place more home-like for me.
I decided to start trying to find some home decor things, but so far I have’nt found the exact pieces I want to use to decor our apartment with. It felt so good to go on a 2nd road trip with babes and even better to come back here and start to make it feel more like home. That vacation was much needed to help with all the home sickness.


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