More Me Time, Less Wasting My Time.

A copulw of days ago I closed a chapter in my life & I could’nt be happier about it. I QUIT MY JOB! The job that was causing me so much stress, the job that was’nt treating me right, the job that was’nt letting me see my family, the job that I worked so much my grades had starting slipping, my sleep schedule was completely off. This job was HELL.🤬🤬🤬( to put it nicely) They were so unprofessional I left them a message (only way I could get in touch with them) resigning & never heard a word back.
I personallly went & showed my face so to make sure they got the picture I was done and they did & had the nerve to say goodluck. As if i’m trying to win the lottery or something. It feels so good to have a break & take some time away to do what i want on my time. To not have to be under all these strict rules. I finally have time to focus alot more on school & my health, & some time to figure out my next move job wise.

I can’t wait til next month to FINALLY go vist my family, I havent seen them since last May. Sometimes we must do what’s best for us,even if those around us don’t understand it.



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