Just Another Day

So today is officially Valentine’s Day for some people across the world, but for me it’s just another day. I’m exhausted from work last night, so it’s a miracle i’m even awake right now to write this post. Guess cause i’m still in bed. I love that at least this year, i’m waking up next to him instead of apart from him like the years before. Grateful that we closed the distance last year and have celebrated alot of 1st holidays together as a real couple.

While the rest of the world is out tonight with thier special person celebrating their love etc. in whatever way they see fit. I will be at work, stressed out & ready to come back home. This job has really been rough lately esp. after a work related injury I substained & the careless actions that were shown towards me. Needless to say today started in tears at 12 AM from
me being overwhelmed and stressed.

We both have to work today so our valentine’s day is tomorrow & we are going out to dinner. At the end of the day today is’nt about fancy gifts and elaborate displays of affections, it’s about the love you share with that special someone out of everyone else in the world.

How are you spending today?



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