Year In Review:2017

In 2017 I have faced alot of ups & downs. In Jan, I would still a Texas native still doing the LDR thing. In May, After 23 months we decided to CLOSE THE DISTANCE💖 & I moved to where my love resides. In July, we FINALLY got our own apartment, but sadly he lost his dad the next day.🙁

In September, I turned 30 & got my LA drivers Liscense. In October, Babes turned 31 & I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.
Here’s what has happened for this month: I did’nt get to see my family for christmas due to work 💙 I finally got my car registered & inspected, & insurance changed over. Christmas was just the 2 of us at Denny’s this year due to once again me having to work. Today I have to work along with the next three days so not much going on here y’all.

Over all 2017 has had way more ups for me than downs, but i’m ready for 2018 & all the love & blessings that follow when the clock strikes 12 AM.



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