All At A Price

Today my little sister graduated from college. Yesterday after 3.5 long years of having my cousin’s kids they finally got adopted & became my brother & sister. All things I have missed out on due to being in another state and having a full-time job. I had been planning for a few weeks to go home the weekend before Christmas, those plans fell through today due to my home town getting some bad weather. My mom & I are’nt seeing eye-to-eye at the moment. She expects me to jump up & come down there when

I constantly have to work & my off days constantly change. Today has been extremely emotional. I lost it here at work twice in my car & the restroom on the phone with J. I wish my family would come see me but it’s always something happening as to when they will come here. I promise I love being here with J & all, & the fact that we are on our own, but it all comes at a price, a price of sacrificing important moments.
I will end this post before I cry again.
-Norah Doll


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