Life-Changing News.

Life has definitely been changing recently. The weather, the seasons, life in general. Work has been exhuasting while the pay has’nt been quite enough. Recently I had a health scare & ended up in the ER for a few days.
It was scary and life altering to say the least. I was so glad to have J by my side as I navigate through the 1st days of a scary diagnosis. It really puts life into perspective when your life is on the line. The people by your side & the time we waste on small insignificant things each day. Life is meant to be lived.
I have to change the way I eat and work out more in order to save my life. In the scariest moment of my life, finding out I now have Type 2 Diabetes, i’m so grateful to have J to hold onto. It’s life-changing for both of us but we will navigate it together.


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