Fresh & New!

As I write this post I am a fresh 30 years old as of Wed. & I vowed to alot more things that make me happy without the approval of others being needed. Also as I write this i’m at work,new place same field healthcare.

I’m so glad to have J by my side as I walked into a new decade of my life confident ready to conquer the world.
We went out to eat at a steak house & spent some of the night at a casino. Overall I had a wonderful birthday, missed my family being around me in those special occasions.
I’m planning on seeing them in December hopefully.

Healthcare is’nt the best fit for me but it pays the bills….
I’ve been itching to go on a vacation with babes, just to get away & have a piece of mind.

I love how after a long hard day at work, I can come home & he will be glad to see me & I can tell he missed me so very much.
The best part of my day is being with him and jusy being us….letting the whole world disappear.


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