A Fresh New Week

I’m so glad it’s a fresh new week. I realized after much consideration the hospitality field was NOT for me, so I resigned. My job search continues on. ADHD makes it very hard for me to hold down a job, but due to another mental illness that I face I currently can’t get any ADHD meds, since it will make my other condition worse. So i’m hanging in there & trying to manage my ADHD unmedicated still. I have been trying to find better ways to budget my money & the best way to decorate our walls. I’m so over these plain white walls y’all. I’m at the very end of this online Math class & let me tell y’all I could’nt be happier that it is ALMOST OVER. Even happier about the fact that I will be passing it!(Woo Hoo)!
It feels so good to have our own space for a little over a month now. I love waking up next to him & ending my day next to him, no matter what transpired throughout the day.
It’s so crazy to have our own place & i’m grateful for the internet esp. for school purposes.
I love living life with J by my side….& I love fresh starts to a sucky week before even better!



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