Life Has Been Quite Busy Lately Y’all.

Hi World!
Taking time out of my busy life to update y’all! I can’t believe it has been a whole 90 Days since we closed the distance. 3 whole months since I have been in Texas. The adjustment to the weather & people here has been major. They are WAY different than the people from back home, not as friendly by a long shot y’all. We have been in our new apartment for less than a month still & it feels amazing being on our own & tryig to figure out the best way to budget finances together. Things are slowly coming along with purchasing things to make it feel more like home instead of that we -just-moved-in yesterday feeling. I have been working alot at a hotel not too far from our home, & lets just say making the switch from healthcare to hospitality has been a MAJOR ADJUSTMENT.

School has definitely been keeping me busy though because due to my schedule at work, i’ve been falling quite behind. Slowly catching up though & thanking God the class has only 2 more weeks.

J & I have been pretty good, coping ok since the loss of his dad. I have even decided to take up an interest in some thing he loves: X-Box One. I must admit it’s pretty fun playing video games ( just don’t tell J I said that 😂)when your SO is more skilled ( & by skilled i mean like a professional gamer compared to me)in it than you…& you are like such an beginner it’s not even funny.

What are some hobbies that you & your SO both enjoy?



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