Gains & Losses.

We officially have moved into our OWN APARTMENT & honestly we could’nt be happier. I’m even more excited to ditch my library card…for wi-fi at our home in a couple of days FINALLY. I’m loving our new city as it is the same city we went on our 1st date, the first city we spent quality time with each other in after meeting face-to-face. Bossier City dare I say it….feels a bit like my home away from home. Everything is right here with-in 5 miles or less by car for the most part. I even have a interview lined-up. It feels like such a huge breath of air being here finally after all we have gone through in order to get here…together as a team.
As all these major changes happened…we were also hit with some heartbreaking news today: the loss of J’s dad. We are both at a loss but are definitely helping each other cope. All I can ask is to keep us in your prayers.

Keep the faith.💙


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