Happy 2 year Anniversary to Us!❤💕

2 years ago today we began our journey being separated by 253 miles & no one around us believing it would actually work but US. We have faced ups & downs together, beating the odds one step at a time. Closing the distance finally on May 6, 2017. Just when I think I can’t fall more in love with you, I do. You have become my best friend and the person I love on good days & bad. I’m so proud that through whatever life has thrown at us, we have ALWAYS proved the rest of them wrong, amazing them with our strength, faith and love between eachother. I look forward to so many years together with you by my side. I love you to the moon & back my love. We have come so very far in 2 years & waking up to you today is a gift, I don’t take for granted. It’s amazing how one person can come into your life & change it for the better. Happy 2 year anniversary to us. We have gotten stronger and I’m so glad to call him mine. He is a blessing in disguise and I thank god for the day we crossed paths. I could not have imagined 2 years ago we would be here: living the closed distance life together. I love him more than the year before. We have each others hearts.



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