2 Weeks Since We Closed The Distance!

Today marks 2 weeks since we closed the distance & I left Texas in my rearview.😊 It’s so funny how we imagine life to be after closing the distance vs. the reality of how closing the distance actually looks. I have had my moments where I have missed home.🙁 I come from a suburbian town in Texas, while where J resides is more country living lifestyle and slowed down, so adjusting is a understatement. We have had some petty arguments, which comes with the territory of merging lives. It is’nt just like a normal visit like all the other times before, but an actual life change. It’s a huge adjustment on both out parts being under the same roof. I was homesick alot almost the whole 2 weeks, feeling very out of my element,but here recently I have been handling the change a bit better…getting settled into my new normal.
We went out today & actually purchased a wall calendar….& that is what makes the fact that i’m now not just visting, but actually starting a life without the distance with this person.🤗 We are both learning eachother & how we operate as individuals & meeting in the middle.
It’s still an adjustment period…but I would rather adjust to living life closed distance, than living life without him in my life.
I’m happy we have closed the distance 2 weeks ago & at the end of it all no matter what, i’m learning the greatest thing in life to hold on to is definitely eachother.😍💑

Since we are no longer LDR, I’m looking forward to changing the blog up soon.



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