A Much Needed Visit.

So we spent a wonderful 8 days together. It was so needed after what felt like an eternity apart. It felt so good to feel his arms wrapped around me when we hugged after so many months apart. The kiss was magical. We spent alot of quality time together. We went to the beach, park, out to eat, shopping and the movies while he was here. He even bought me my favorite lotion I wanted from the mall we went to when he was here & i’m waiting on it to arrive in the mail as we speak. Of course I cried a few times before he left, totally dreaded having to say see you soon again. We got to spend a extra hour together before he left and it was awesome taking some last pictures together, just enjoying each other’s company.

I’m so grateful for the time we got to spend together & just be us and feel like a real couple if only for a week and a day. I miss him so much since he left on Saturday evening. All in all that visit was definitely much needed and just made me feel so much more connected and in love with him than before. We are stronger now because of our extended time apart before this visit.



2 thoughts on “A Much Needed Visit.

  1. While I was reading this, it made me remember all the visits I had to visit my now husband, every moment by his side is magical and unique. This visits make us appreciate more than anything every second we spend by the side of the people we love.


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