Love Over Distance.

I can’t believe after 3.5 month & 2days plus 15 hours or less I will finally be seeing J again for our 10th visit today.December 29th seems eternities away and as pablo neurado says all the nights apart have lead to this one night together….or something to that effect.

It may be months or longer than expected that you have to wait at times, but the wait will end…even if temporary…& you will bask in the elated joy of once again having your whole heart complete & feeling everything is right with the world all because your love survived the distance…once more & you, my friend have survived the despite…even through the day you could’nt even phatom how you ever could.

Love has conquered all yet again.



One thought on “Love Over Distance.

  1. How exciting! The wait to meet with the person you love is amazing and beautiful but also very hard, even when the time flies, the waiting can make it feel so slow!
    Keep you occupied and time will pass faster.

    Best wishes! 🙂


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