So Much To Do In So Little Time.👫⏰

Hey Y’all!

So in 4 days & a wake up & some hours into the evening I will be seeing my love again after over 3.5 months apart this go-round. I must say im definitely ecstatic about it reuniting with him soon. God knows alot has transpired since we last saw eachother, and what I wouldnt do at this point to be in his arms.

I have so much to do between now & actually reuniting with him it’s crazy. For starters I have home work which if im lucky will take me til tomorrow or mid-week at the latest. Thrusday I have a very important appointment then Friday i have a hair appointment. Saturday AM i’m going to do any last minute things like shave , triple check the guest room is in order for him etc.

So as you can tell my week is filled with all sorts of fun stuff to keep me busy, not to mention traveling into town to pick him up & being on time, which I usually ebd up being an hour early at least. I already have an outfit picked out with shoes & a purse.

So my week is definitely going to fly by…I can’t wait to see him Saturday evening.



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