A Low Day.

Not knowing for certain when J & I will see eachother again for certain is taking it’s toll on me. No official date. No marking the days off on the calendar. Just stuck in the grey area of the unknown. I love him, but today the distance is making me weak, barely able to hang on.

It does’nt help my cycle is here & we had a petty disagreement. I miss him. I miss us spending actual time together. I miss being able to lay in his arms & knowing that we are OK. Touching his face. Caressing his skin. Listening to his heart beat inside his chest.

Im having one of the lowest days I’ve had in awhile. One of those days that i’m going to have to get through it…by crying until no tears can come out my eyes. I’m just ready for a date. A date to know he is coming back to me. A date to look forward to being reunited. A date to end this temporary time apart until it begin again…

How do you get through your low days when you are barely hanging on?



5 thoughts on “A Low Day.

  1. I totally get you! Mine doesn’t know exactly when he is coming home either. It literally changes every single day. I cling to my family and friends (my best friend being Ben and Jerry if you get my hint!) Stay strong and stay busy. Know that time will pass. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the advice. I’m so glad i’m not the only one who goes through that. I try my hardest to stay strong & busy, but sometimes it’s not enough it seems. Here recently ice cream & starbucks drinks especially have been my go-to. Had oral sugery tues. So a soft food diet & liquids have been my new temporary normal.

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      1. Yeah, it can get rough sometimes. I know that for sure! And oh no!!! Hope you feel better soon! At least, you have an excuse to eat all the ice cream and Starbucks. 😀


  2. Not having a date when you can next see him can be so tough!! I had a couple of days like this a few weeks back where I was seriously thinking of ending us because it was getting to me so much. It definitely helps to stay busy and focus on the positive aspects.

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