No Ordinary Love

As I lay here in the dark quietly the weather outside is grey, about as grey as the mood im in is blue. I wish I could escape somewhere away with him & just live freely. No stress about societial ways of life constantly on the brain-career, money, success & survival to trip us up. Just 2 humans being substained by love & nothing else. I miss him. He is the only one who understands me & my struggles alot of the time. I deal with some things that are’nt easy to handle. I appreciate him going through them with me. Holding me down at my weakest standing beside me rather im at my lowest valley or highest peak. I have layers to me that alot of people don’t see,but him. Sometimes I just really need him. Him to console me & let me know I will…no we will get through whatever together.
Nothing about J & I is ordinary. This bond we have, every detail of us is like fate, unexpectedly our paths intersecting at just the right moment. This is no ordinary situation because this is no ordinary love.


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