A Little Disappointed.

Recently I had been sort of looking forward to seeing J next month, but at the moment it’s looking more like we will see each other in April possibly.🙁 It’s disappointing that we aren’t closer to seeing each other again, but instead actually further.

I haven’t seen him since December. I know nothing was set in stone for us about our next meet up, but it’s a bit disappointing that we won’t see each other til April…instead of March. Meaning it will be  4months than our usual 3 months apart.😰

It’s going to be difficult hanging in there til April. April already feels so far away…the wait continues I guess.😰



2 thoughts on “A Little Disappointed.

  1. This is really disappointing!! Sometimes when we are apart, the only thing holding me together is the date when I will next see him. And then, when you finally do, you feel so happy and excited!! I wish you all the best!!


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