Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!❤

Hey everybody!

Here we are again folks..another holiday based on love…love from anyone but specifically from a significant other in most of our cases. Love that is shown by jewelry, flowers,cards, candy, stuffed animals & expensive dates.My day started off a bit on the emotional side due to me wishing that J & I were actually together instead of miles apart. I was in tears bawling my eyes at 12 AM.😭 This Valentine’s has been a bit more emotional than last year in my opinion. I finally opened the box he sent me. 🤗🤗🤗

I cried like a baby opening it on web cam this morning. I ❤ the pink bear & the card he sent me. I miss him so much y’all. J is’nt into all the giving gifting craze, but I did get him a custom photo postcard & today his custom photo greeting card arrived to him finally, took 4 days but was definitely worth it. He really loved those things.

I had me a celebratory drink to celebrate our love here at home. Sometimes you have to celebrate your love & your LDR, it’s worthy of being celebrated. Its hard being away from the one you love on today. I love him & miss him a bit more than usual today. Gifts are sweet but at the end of the day im grateful for us and the love we share between each & every day, not just on holidays.

I can’t wait for the day when we can spend all the holidays together, not just particular ones.

I want to know how are y’all spending Valentine’s Day & how are you feeling today?



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