20 months in a LDR….Say What?!

I’m so proud to say that as of today-2/12/17 J & I have successfully reached the 20 month mark in a LDR. I can’t believe we have actually survived 20 months together  long distance. We all know how annoying the distance can get. The day he asked ne to be his girlfriend I never could have imagined we would be here-still together 20 months later. It’s crazy to think how many ups & downs we have overcome. How much we have grown as a couple. How we have still managed to make this relationship work even from miles away. I look forward to many more milestones together that turn into years with him by my side, us conquering the distance together as a team.

I love him so much y’all & i’m glad to say we have been in love & together for 20 months today.  Alot of LDRs don’t make it to this point. It may not be a 2yr anniversary yet,but there is something to said about being in a LDR for 20 months.



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