Impatiently Waiting In The Name Of Love.


It seems life is full of waiting. Waiting to drive. Waiting to drink. Waiting for love. Each day people wait for numerous things. I wait for love. I wait for him. I wait because I know the waiting will all be worth it. Worth it all when we finally close the distance. I wait because I cant just give up on something that means so much to me. I believe in love, even from miles away. I believe that love conquers all & that if you want some thing bad enough, then its worth waiting for.

When you love someone you wait for them, you scarifice things for them. You wait even though it’s painful at times. While you are waiting you keep busy so the time does’nt drag by. You wait because you would rather be with the person you are waiting for more than anyone else.

As I impatiently wait for the day that im reunited with my love again, I do things that occupy my mind. Recently I have been making cards on my Iphone & sending them to him, I mean who can beat cute,personal & inexpensive?

The apps I use most to do this is: Ink (postcards only) & Inkly. By far Inkly has got to be my favorite app for mobile card making. They even give you a free card upon joining,you just pay a small shipping charge. They have actual greeting cards & postcards-that you can design with whatever photo you desire, along with  your personal handwriting or typed message,sealed, stamped & delivered. From where im at to where J is: it cost me $4.47, but you have the option of getting a free card for new members. Definitely worth checking out folks.

Things like Inkly keep you connected in a memory with your SO through a moment caputured in a single photo, which makes for a great surprise when your SO goes to the mailbox & sees that envelope with their name on it. Phone calls,texts, & web cam all help to ease the waiting, but even still you miss them each day until reunited again.

We in LDRs wait for a lot of things:

  • A kiss
  • A Hug
  • Holding Hands
  • Cuddling
  • Sex!
  • Just being in each other’s company
  • Finally closing the distance & being in a LDR no more!

In all the waiting we  endure in the name of love we actually miss the fact that we are lucky enough to have someone who is worth waiting for, despite how long we must wait. The waiting is’nt ever going to be easy, but I promise you all it will be worth it.



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