In The Silence.💙

I hate the silence that comes at night time. I wish he was here instead of there. There being 253 miles away. My heart aches from missing as much as I do. I know he missies me too. I just lay here with my thoughts on him, wishing I was in his arms feeling his skin aganist mine. I miss him and the distance breaks me down. I’m not giving up, I just have to push through. I have to push through the pain of missing him and wanting him not to mention the times I just really need him here.

The phone is definitely my life line when in a L.D.R.,but sometimes the phone is’nt enough. Hearing his voice & him express the way he feels about me warms my heart & makes me emotional at the same time. I love him so very much & I know this too shall pass. Sometimes it feels like the silence is way bigger than all the noise around me, that every single thing gets drowned out & i’m left longing…longing for him to just be here & make my heart complete.



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