I remember the day I last saw J and said those dreaded words “see you soon”. It was December 29, 2016 & I was weak, emotional and sad on the 4 hour drive home away from my love unsure of when I will see him again. The tears were streaming down my face and this song came on the radio that just said everything my heart needed to hear to get me through that moment and through the rough nights apart that lie ahead. It was almost as if that song came at the most perfect time when I need a reminder…it spoke to my soul…being apart it so hard but you have to remember that your SO wont let go. This song is one of most heartfelt songs ever that gives me hope when I feel like I cant possibly go on another day.

That song is I Won’t Let Go By Rascall Flatts, is the most heartfelt reminder of no matter what live throws our way we will keep holding on, keeping pushing theough this distance together as a team, #teamUS. There are a couple of other songs that comfort me as well such as My All -Mariah Carey , Here Without You-Three Doors Down, & When You’re Gone -Avril Lavigne.

Rascall Flatts really knows how to soothe you & you just enough hope & strength to get through another day, another hour, another minute, second, week, month or even just another moment. For that i’m grateful….grateful that there is a song out there that can comfort me through the pain of missing half of my heart.


What songs comfort you through the days apart & see you soons?

-Keep the faith & Fight the distance,




3 thoughts on “Comforted

  1. I’m so glad I found another person that goes through the same thing I do! I’m still getting used to this and I’m new to it! I really enjoy reading your blogs!! The songs that get me through the rough “I miss you a a lot today” are “I hope you know” by mango and “3005” by childish gambino! Our two favorite songs (hence why I named my blog till 3005!


    1. I’m glad you found my blog as well. I’m always open to new followers in LDRs. I’m glad you enjoy reading them, I have been writing them for a while. I definitely going to check out that Song on my Spotify app.


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