Anger & The LDR.

Anger. Angry. Common emotions to experience & feel when in a long distance relationship. How do you handle anger when it arises though? Stress can lead to anger. Stress outside of the LDR can lead to you lashing out at your SO by yelling. When both people are yelling that means 2 things: no one is listening & no one is actually talking.

How do you handle anger in a LDR without looking like you need anger management?I’m going to tell you the 5 steps I have learned so far.

1.) Not everything is worth an argument

He forgot to return your call so when he does call you are going to let him have it, right? He did’nt read all 10 of your text messages so he must not care?

Wrong & Wrong! You must learn to pick your battles and not let the distance drive you crazy, bringing me to my next point.

2.)Agree to disagree

Sometimes you must agree to disagree on alot of things, because alot of little things cause alot of petty fights,esp. whn you are in a LDR. Not everyone can be right all the time, some one will be right and someone will be wrong. Egos aside sometimes it better to lose the battle, & win the war.

3.) Time Out!

Most of the time when you are angry both parties need a mutual time out. In order to cool down & collect their thoughts. This step is so beneficial to deescalating the argument or feelings of anger & frustration from going any further since you are already really upset.

4.) Talk It Out, Don’t Shout.

It’s so easy to yell as your anger rises due to being frustrated and needing an outlet, most people go for what they know when mad…which means they yell & if one person yells, this usually causes the other person to yell back. It’s harder to resolve and issue when all you are doing is yelling at eachother, so after you both have had a time out, next it’s time to calmly talk it out with your SO so it can be worked out.

5.) Apologize!

After the situation is resolved, both parties need to apologize because when you are angry you say hurtful things and those hurtful things hurt you & your relationship. So sincerely apoligize from your heart & realize not every argument is worth putting your relationship at risk.

I hope the next time you and your SO are’nt seeing eye to eye you will keep these 5 steps in mind. We all know an LDR is hard enough without the added stress of arguing all the time over petty stuff that can easily be solved.

Keep the faith & fight the distance my friends,




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