I’m back everyone.

It has definitely been a long day for me today. I said see ya soon to J today in Louisianna and made the lonely drive back to Texas early this morning.🙁

You adjust to the coming & going & especially saying “see you soon”, but it doesn’t get too much easier, just more tolerable over time in my opinion.

We spent a grand total of a month & a week together. That is the longest we have ever been together face-to-face. I know a bit extended over the 2 weeks initially planned, but who is counting? That is something we have never done since being together & let me tell y’all it was an experience like no other.

We had the most amazing time together and it was so much harder to seperate this time. We took lots of pics, had a few petty arguments due to us not being use to being around eachother for longer than a week.  We really just enjoyed spending alot of quality time together and getting the opportunity to see each other in their day to day life.

I can’t wait until we can close the distance for good because right now I literally feel like half my heart is missing.💔

I’m glad to be back home & that we got to do a mini road trip to Texas together. It was so much fun. On top of that spending Christmas Eve & Christmas Day together. I’m sad because he is there once again and i’m here without him.

There is always this adjustment period after you come back from being with your SO, where you have to adjust to being without then again…that sucks.😔

We make it through together though, as a TEAM. At the end of the day you only have eachother.

We did our new year’s eve kiss last night along with what we want for our relationship in 2017. I guess it’s a good thing I bought this huge bear when I was with J, cause it is definitely going to come in handy on nights such as tonight, when I miss the warmth of his body next to mine, the touch of him covering me up so I don’t get cold at night, the tug of him pulling me closer to him while we sleep, the sound of his heart beat in my ear as I lay on his chest feeling complete bliss.💓

Even though we are miles apart again..we have finished this year with a total of 5 meet-ups.

We may be apart Alot ,but no matter what we are still together in spirit & connected by the love we shared & the bond we have despite all the miles that keep us apart.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of 2016 & I look forward to what lies ahead in 2017.

As always folks keep the faith & most of all fight the distance.



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