A Poem About LDRs by Yours Truly.

** Untitled**

Everyday we make a decision
to choose eachother &
to make it work no matter what.
We choose to make it work despite the distance
Depspite bad webcam connections
Depsite the negative remarks
Despite the lonely nights
Despite all the tears we cry out of frustrution lonilness and fear of the unknown
Despite the petty disagreements
Despite the constant change of plans
We choose to be there even if we aren’t physically there
We choose to hold on because in the end
We will never to choose to let go.
We choose to love them even when they
Can’t figure out quite how to love themselves
We choose to keep choosing them
Time after time
Cause we know in our hearts
Being long distance
Is’nt for a lifetime
& a love like ours is rare to find.


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