A Case Of The Warm Fuzzies💓

I swear y’all J knows how to make my day. It’s been a bit of an emotional one for me so far…super moody thanks to the monthly gift. So he sings me this little song that he made up that always makes me smile & feel so special. I love when he does this. It just warms my heart & gives me all types of warm fuzzies as I like to call them.

I miss J and I so can’t wait to see him again. There is a slight possibility we could see eachother next month for a good amount of time, but i’m not getting my hopes high just yet. We are just going to see what happens.

Things are alot better right now  with me then in my last post. Nothing is perfect in a long distance realationship sometimes you have weak moments & bad days, but like one of my readers said in a comment : THIS TOO SHALL PASS     & this is something we must remind ourselves daily at times, but especially on the rough days where all you want to do is  break down.   You must break down & cry in order to regain your strength & be built back up.

I love J for alot of reasons already, but it’s days like today where I need a little extra love and support that make me love him that much more…that makes my heart swell with warm fuzzies I can only recieve from him.




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