Welcome to October & Birthdays Spent Apart

Hey Y’all! Welcome to October & 1 month closer to being reunited with your love!
Today is J’s birthday and it sucks that we are apart, even though we celebrated when he was down here last month plus I sent him a card & a letter last week.
I just wish I was there with him, instead of 253 miles apart. Even with all the technology out here, it’s still not the same as physically being there with him on this special day. I miss him so much especially on days like today. I wish I could just wrap my arms around him & give him the hugest hug ever & never let him go.
It’s hard spending birthdays and major holidays miles apart from the one you love, but we make the best of it. This is’nt our 1st time apart on his birthday, but it dors’nt make it any easier to not be there with him. I wish so bad I could be there, even though he does’nt really have anything planned, it’s just the fact that we could be doing whatever together, making memories instead of spending time on the phone.
Happy Birthday my love. I hope 30 treats you good and I can’t wait to see you soon.


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