Bitter Sweet💙

I’m so glad to report that J came down here for my birthday & we spent the most amazing 3.5 days together.
It was so fun doing everything with him by my side. He loved his early birthday present to PF Chang’s by the way. I miss laying on his chest crying into his t-shirt with his arms wrapped around me. I miss falling asleep & waking up in the middle of the night to see his face next to me. I miss everything about him. It’s hard being apart once again. I really enjoyed our time together though. Saying see you soon never gets any easier you just cry a little bit less than the first time you had to say “see you soon”. I thought things could’nt get any worse than that for this week, boy was I wrong!

I got called in to the office at work today where they gave me a paper dated yesterday and they terminated me. So this week pretty much sucks. J has been pretty understanding of this issue but it just sucks, when he left yesterday…& I return to work & they decided to fire me…only notifying me today. Heartbroken is such a understatement right now y’all.
Way to bring in 29…getting fired from a job. Hope things start looking up for me soon.
I miss J so much & I can’t wait to see him again.



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