Manging your Time⏰

This week I started school online and it’s been an adjustment, on top of still looking for a job & being in a LDR. This is where Time Management plays a important role in an LDR- when you are trying to mange all your obligations outside of your LDR. You only have 24 hours in a day so you must schedule things at certain times or else it can get chaotic. If you are less busy in the afternoon then schedule a mid- day video chat with your SO. If you have some time in the AM, you might take 15-20 mins to talk on the phone before you day gets off the ground, or you may set up a evening movie date on a less hetic day to have some quality time with your SO.

We all know life can get crazy between kids, jobs, school and family, but you must make time for your LDR in order for it to thrive and in order to keep things progressing forward. You won’t be this busy forever, trust me. You manage your time wisely and get things accompolished more so than not having a schedule of how your day goes.

Time is very important in an LDR- spending time with your SO face to face, spending time on the phone when they are away, spending time having date nights, spending time seeing each other through webcam. It’s all about how you manage your time with your life obligations just as well as how much time you put towards your relationship.

How do you manage your time?


Keep the faith & as always fight the distance



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