Today is a Blue Day💙😓

Today is a blue day. Blue like the county song by Leann Rhimes. The inside of me feels so empty today as my heart aches from inside my chest. I miss him. I miss everything about him. I miss having him close to me. I miss his hand in mine. I miss being wrapped in his arms. His lips being pressed aganist mine. I miss all of him. Today the distance is stronger than my faith it feels. I woke up this morning and watched some videos of us & tears streamed down my face. Today my strength is wavering it seems and I just want to get through today and on to tomorrow where my strength, hope and faith in us can be renewed.

This is’nt easy being away from someone you love. It’s hard and it can be rough like today and some days are easier to hold on to than others ( this day for me is’nt one of them.) I just want him here with me already. I just need him here with me sooner than later.😢

This is diffucult and my heart aches from the lonliness the distance creates, but I know one thing it is worth it. It is worth days like this- that feel never ending and longer then 24 hours. It is worth better days ahead like tomorrow.

I just miss him with all my heart right now.💔

I hope y’all are keeping the faith & fighting the distance way better than I am right now.

Have you ever had a blue day?



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