253 miles apart feels so much better.💑

I’m So glad that J is back in louisianna safe & sound. Which means he is 253 miles away from me, which beats almost 2,000 miles by a long shot. Him being in California went better than my anxiety made it out to be, yet im glad he is’nt permanently there. I can’t believe we are already in mid-August. On the 12th we made 14 months as a couple and we just keep getting better as each month passes. Beating the odds one day at a time.

School starts Monday for me and I couldnt be more excited. It helps to pass the time when you stay busy. When you are’nt busy it just makes the distance that much harder to deal with. So if you are having trobule dealing with the distance find something to do. Journaling, writing, scrapbooking, working, school trust me it helps out alot. It also give you and your SO things to discuss. Night time is the hardest for me.

Currently I’m looking forward to spending some time with J next month around my birthday. It’s crazy to think that the last time we saw eachother was in June, so im more then excited to be back in his arms ASAP. We have been doing really good with seeing eachother every 3 months.  That brings me to some questions for my readers: How often do you see eachother?  How far apart are you and your SO?

Until next time keep the faith & go the distance,



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