LDR &Technology💻📱❤️💑

It’s amazing to think how J and I literally met on an dating app called Meet Me. If it was’nt for the use of technology we never would have known the other existed. Cell phones make for awesome communication, yet video chats make all the difference in the world when J and I can actually see eachother’s face.

A LDR is’nt easy by any means, but technology sure does have a way of making it more manageable. We all know with technology there will be glitches at times & updates at the wrong times, but technology is a live saver.

Recently J and I downloaded Happy Couple to our phones, in order to have some fun and see what all the hype was about. We had issues registering at first,but once we got it yp & running it’s actually pretty cool.

The Happy Couple App asks you and your partner the same questions and sees just how compatible you are and based on those answers you get points, which moves you to a higher level.

Happy Couple also gives you tips for your relationship on how to improve in various aspects which is amazing.

When in an LDR, I must say technology is more of a gift than a curse.

What are your thoughts on technology & the LDR?



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