Just A Update.

Hello World!

Life has been busy, but J and I are still holding on and going strong. In 2 days we will be together for 13 months. It’s been hard having him away, when I really want to just be in his arms again. Work keeps me stressed & busy…which keeps me a bit on edge alot- due to lack of sleep.

The fact that i’m here without him can get lonely sometimes but  I feel better hearing his voice or seeing his face. It’s comforting just knowing he is ok. I miss him alot at times, but we get through it together-the times apart where being apart hurts.

The next time we see eachother will be in September hopefully for my birthday and saying I can’t wait.. Is a bit of an understatement yet wrapped in the truest statement that describes how anxious I am. Waiting is hard, & I do get impatient, but I know it’s worth it. He is worth to me…We are worth it.

I try my hardest to remember one day down is just one day closer to us being reunited again. On stressful days it’s hard to see that, but it’s true.

What are you looking forward to in your LDR?



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