When Life Gets Busy…You Get More Crafty.

Lately  J & I have been busy working and the communication has been limited lately.  My new job has been more than a notion & a bit overwhelming. We talk early in the morning, on a my break in the evening & before bed, which is a bit different compared to our average amount of communication.

Working Full Time again, while in a long distance relationship is a challenge already. On top of this i’ve been weighing my options for getting back into school. I love that I have J’s support in whatever I decide to pursue. I know I don’t want to stay in my current position in healthcare. My anxiety & depression has been a bit out of whack lately, been trying to just hang in there & not snap. I love the support that I get from J to be better than I am right now and to keep moving forward, because this job is’nt my final destination.

Even though our communication has been limited lately we still make it work on our busy days. Yesterday I really just wanted & needed J’s arms around me & his shoulder to cry on. It was an moderately overwhleming day at work.

My answer to the following question would be time management. You must find a way to carve out time for your relationship & be a bit more understanding on more busier days.

Life has been such a balancing act for us lately, with that been said I want to know: how do you balance the act of life when things get hectic & you are in a LDR?

Thanks for reading Y’all!



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