Here Without You💔

I went to sleep last night alone. I woke up this morning alone. Feeling lonely as ever in my heart. I said see you soon to my love yesterday after 5 days/4nights together.😢 It feels so empty and boring without J here.  I’m so grateful he was here for our 1 year anniversary. We had an awesome time together. I cried so hard yesterday morning & the night before over him leaving once again, I didn’t cry like I imagined I would as we parted ways this time though. I almost lost it for a minute, as he walked away from me though feeling my heart sink into the pits of my stomach.

Ever since he left I feel like someone took my sunshine away. ⛈I miss waking up next to him and feeling him next to me in the middle of the night. I miss his arms around me when I need them the most.

Today is blah and even though we are back to our normal LDR routine, keeping our phones attached to us again, i’m missing his physical prescence, like the deserts miss the rain.

I hate being here without him.💔


I’m here without you baby, but you’re still on my lonely mind.

-Here Without You( Three Doors Down)

Describes our relationship and my feelings right now so perfectly.

What song describes your LDR?



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