Can Today Please Be Over!😥

It’s days like today where nothing goes right and you just cry cause you don’t know what else to do. I just feel like J & I are on 2 completely  different pages today. The distance and the fact that we havent seen eachother since March 19th is really starting to just take it’s toll on me mentally & emotionally.

Where the future seems uncertain in the present and you can’t breathe cause your chest hurts so bad. I just feel hurt cause i’m tired of waiting. Tired of not knowing what the future really holds. I hate days like today where all we do is argue and argue. It’s days like this where I feel like everything around me is just going to cause me to break. I’m stressed out and angry on top of being emotional.

I just want to today to be over with cause I can’t handle much more of what it’s offering. I’m trying my hardest to hang in there until next month, but im getting weak. Every thing is irritating me & im just so sick of trying to be strong & hang in there… Only so much waiting can be done… Til you break down.



2 thoughts on “Can Today Please Be Over!😥

  1. Sorry that you’re going through a rough time! Crazy thing is we were kind of going through the same thing 2 days ago 😁 it was stressing and sucked all my energy 😒 Distance at some point becomes unbearable 😞


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