Still Hanging On.

Hello Y’all,

J and I are still hanging on. It’s been a bit rough here lately due to my Depression ( surprise! Not!👎🏾). I’m not too sure this 2nd perscription is working either, but im hanging in there until my next appointment.

Being in a L.D.R. is hard as it, but when one partner is dealing with a mental illness things can get a bit ….well complicated. I appreciate that J accepts me enough to stay even when my depression & anxiety are getting the best of me. Trust me, this no walk in the park & at the end of the day we still choose love, we still choose eachother-flaws & all.

As I probably stated before, i’m currently still in the process of getting treatment, and I hope that I will find the right medicine soon to get me back up to par, until then J & I are still hanging on.

Thanks for visting.



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