❤️10 Little Things…❤️

❤️10 Things I’ve Learned From Being In A LDR❤️

1. The distance will get the best of you at times.

2. You will argue when apart due to stress, the distance mainly.

3. You must DECIDE whats WORTH arguing over & whats not. ( learning this one as we speak.)

4. When you do argue try to always resolve the issue AND APOLOGIZE.

5. You will be jealous seeing people hold hands when you & your partner are apart.

6. Trust & Communication are major- especially communication you must communicate your thoughts and feelings as well as he, cause NO ONE is a mind reader.

7. You MUST make a descision EVERY DAY & NIGHT to be in this relationship and make it work.

8. You must PLAN for everything-visits, calls, face time, sending packages, holidays, the unexpected and ultimately closing the distance.

9. Acceptance– you must accept a person’s flaws, imperfections, and health issues just as they must accept yours.

10. Together- no matter what you and your partner will face highs & lows together as a TEAM , not as individuals





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