A Turning Point

Today I reached a turning point with my mental health. I was misdiagnosed in 2012 with a form of depression. It turns out I have ADD & Anxiety. I have thought I had Anxiety for quite some time & I feel relief knowing I know whats going on with me. Even though J is miles away.💔 I’m grateful to have J in my corner at this turning point to a better me.😀

I don’t think I could handle everything without him by my side emotionally. He is my listening ear, my shoulder to cry on, the strength that pushes me when I want to give up. He sees me for me and I could’nt be more happier to have his love, support and loyalty.

Being away from him gets a bit more normal as time goes on, because its just another day or another week closer to us being reunited in eachothers arms.




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