Flaws & All

Lately I’ve been struggling with some mental health issues. When J and I were together, out of no where I experienced a anxiety attack. From what I experienced, I doubt it was my first one.

I remember early on when I first told J of my mental health issues and instead of him running for the hills, he accepted them. Just as he accepts me-moody,spacey, loving, entergetic ME!

J has seen me at my worst -comforted me, wiped my tears, & held me when I was weak. He has seen me break down and been there to pick me up.

I thank J for being there weather it be physically or emotionally for me in my times of distress.

I’m taking the steps I need to get me back to a good mental head space currently. In taking those steps, I had to drop a class. It was school or my mental health. I feel my mental health is top priority at this time.

I know you are wondering what mental health issues am I exactly facing?

Wonder no more!

Dealing with ADD and here recently Anxiety(undiagnosed)-is a battle with in itself alone. I’m just glad that no matter what I have J in my corner so I don’t have to face it all alone.

I appreciate that J can see me at my worst and accept me in that moment- flaws & all being centerstage.

I appreciate that we can both accept eachother-flaws & all, supporting eachother along the way.



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