Almost To The End Of March

It’s crazy to think here we are almost to the end of March. March has been a bit crazy for me. Here’s why:

1. School- It has definitely picked  up the pace from when I started in January, and we are close to the end of what feels like a long semester, yet a bit far away from it actually being over.


2.  Spring Break-J and I got to see each other for the 5th time since we have been in a relationship. I was grateful for the break cause I got to go spend 6 days with J, which is rare for us. We normally spend 2 to 3 days together. The extra time was really nice and special for us. It brought us a bit closer together by the way. It was also good to get out of Texas for a bit. It was so much harder saying ” see you soon” after spending that much time together.

We made 9 months of being together on the 12th. I couldn’t be more happy about that! It’s an awesome milestone to reach, especially seeing how we are long distance.

3. Readjusting- It was a bit of a struggle getting back into the whole school mode, but I’m there…again. I’m just ready to get it over & done with it now. I changed my major in October ( for the first time ever) & now I’m seeing this new major isn’t a good fit.

4. Closer- I’m  much closer to when I will see J again. Even if we don’t have an exact date at the moment. We are aiming for June or July. Hopefully more so in June, since it’s our 1 year anniversary. Speaking of our anniversary, we are a month closer to reaching that as well.

As this month comes to a close, I can’t wait to see what surprises April has in store for us.





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