When You Get Lonely.



Being in an LDR there will be times when you get lonely. Very lonely. Honestly it comes with the territory. It’s hard being alone more than together. When the day slows down and the darkness of night sets in, loneliness creeps in. It makes you feel sad. You may cry cause the loneliness seems too much to bear. It hurts seeing couples holding hands, when your hands are empty. Wishing they were there so you could proudly display your love to the world, in y’alls own unique way.

What do I do when times get lonely?

Read on. 😀

When I get lonely from J not being here sometimes. I look at videos of us together and it makes him not seem so far away and me not feel as lonely. Sometimes I get so lonely from missing him, that all I can do is cry. Being lonely does’nt last forever or mean you are less capable of making it work. It just means you are human. Once you get past the lonliness, you always seem to come out stronger on the other side.  In a LDR, your feelings will vary, it won’t always be sunshine and roses. Sometimes it will rain and storm, thats where you will find me with open arms.


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