Just Wishful Thinking…

I cant wait until we no longer have to be seperated by 253 miles. Until my mom can stop being unsupportive of us. Let alone, stops being unsupportive of me. Until I can leave this negative life here, behind for good.

I cant wait to wake up next to him, knowing I wont ever have to say “see you soon”again. I can’t wait to kiss him and hold his hand, just because I miss it being in mine. Today I wish 253 miles didnt seperate us more then anything. Today has’nt been a good day in my home. My mom & I dont have the best relationship. It’s really starting to take its toll on me completely. I just wish more than anything that we could just close the distance,but for now this is just wishful thinking from  my LDR mind.

Hopefully at some point, my wish will come true and it will be wishful thinking no more.



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