Stress & The LDR



Today has been pretty rough. Let’s talk about the thing no one wants to : Stress & the LDR.

So what is stressing me out?

Good question.

  1. School– for starters I dont feel like i’m on the right path cause im unsure of what path im suppose to actually be on.
  2. Home Enviroment-not the best situation due to the fact that my cousin’s kids are here, instead of with her…to top it off she is’nt that concerned about. My mom & I see to eye to eye not too often.
  3. Missing J-I just miss him so much at times like this, when the world seems to have turned aganist me I just want, wait no NEED HIM HERE.

So due to my stress levels lately, I end up lashing at J over petty things. I don’t mean to do it just happens.

Im frustrated. Overwhelmed & stressed to the max, all at once.

This emotions +being in a LDR= disaster it seems. Alot of the time.

When im not under extreme stress, the distance just gets to me here and there, which is normal.

We discussed the issue (after we both calmed down )at hand and are back in sync, instead of out of sync. Yay!

Stress really knows how to drive you a bit batty, especially in a LDR.

How do you handle stress on top of the distance?




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