Readjusting Back To Reality…Sucks!


So 3 days ago I left J in Louisianna and made the 4 hours & 10 minute drive back to Texas. This was the first time we ever spent six days together. I totally wasn’t prepared for how much harder leaving would be this time around. It was way harder than saying i’ll see you soon after two days together. I cried my eyes out for 15 minutes straight before actually leaving. We shared the longest kiss ever before I left.

The hardest part of a LDR is saying see you soon. The second part is the readjustment period. Readjusting to being back home after being with him for close to a week is ROUGH, to say the least. Pictures and videos can only comfort me so much. It’s hard waking up and he is no where to be found. This is Day 3 since returning from our Spring Break Vacation and i’m just now ( as we speak) getting back to my normal routine.

Readjusting is hard, espacially when all you want to do is stay in bed and cry until you are reunited with your love. You know you can’t do this though cause things need your responsiblity-kids, school, work etc.

It takes time to readjust to them not being there, but instead their shirt is there with a scent of them. It makes you weak yet stronger as you inhale it, keeping you going until that next visit.


Readjustment sucks.



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