New Year, New Job!

Hey Y’all!

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited to be starting the new year off on a good note.
I got me a new job in the restraunt industry & start next week.
Along with the spring semester starting next week as well, this is going to require alot of time management skills on my part. I’m a bit nervous about how i’m going to handle it all. I’m excited about this new venture. How is your new year going so far?



Christmas In Texas.

So its been a couple of days since I returned to Louisianna & i’m so grateful for the change of scenery back home gave me. It felt so good to be home for Christmas & to spend time with my family. We ended up staying an extra day due to the weather. The drive to Texas felt so long, but the drive back was smooth sailing. Made so many memories this christmas. Being back home gives me some peace & joy.
This year has been pretty great. As I type this I don’t have much planned for New Year’s Eve & i’m ready for 2019.
Thanks for reading.

Goals For The New Year & Other Ramblings.

As I sit here typing this I am thinking of the new year & some things I would like to accomplish.

1. Find a Non-healthcare job.

2. Pay off student loans from

3. Continue getting bachelors degree.

4. Exercise more often.

I’m excited for all the goals I have set for the year to come.

I also can’t wait to back home to Texas for Christmas this year. Gosh, I miss home & my family.

I’m so glad to only have 2.5 more weeks left of this term y’all.
It’s been stressful & overwhelming at times, but I have stuck in there.
This break is much needed though.
I only took one term off this whole year.

As this year & month are coming slowly to a close, i’m excited for 2019 & the goals I have set for myself.

Glad This Month Is Coming To A Close.

Hello World,

Thanksgiving was pretty chill hung out at our apartment & visited with J’s family. Planning on going home for Christmas, but who knows for certain as of now. Things are a bit up in the air.

Still having migraines and the blood pressure med i’m on is causing me to have an allergic reaction, so i’m not taking them any longer. Waiting until 2020 sucks, but as of now it’s my only option.

Finally over the half-way mark with school & less than a month less until Christmas break. I can’t wait for the break y’all.

So glad its the end of the month & a new month is upon us.
Have alot of anxiety going on lately…trying to just take it all day by day, but at night my anxiety gets the best of me. Just worried about alot of stuff, esp. involving the future.


The Wait Continues…

Hello Y’all!

Still dealing with these migraines y’all. Did a walk-in appt. & got some meds adjusted but the migraines are still here. I finally got a referral to a neurologist, but with my insurance who knows when that appointment will be. I’m impatiently waiting though.

I’m in week 3 of school & so far so good. 5 more weeks to go! I’m so ready for the Christmas break though & to hopefully go home and see my family. I haven’t seen them since the spring.

Thanksgiving should be nice & low-key just J and I with alot of good tasting food. 🤣🤣


Never-Ending Migranes & Breaking Up With My Psych….FINALLY!

Alot has been going on y’all…feels like i’ve been on a huge whirlwind.
So recently my psych & I had a confrontation in her office where I felt as if my needs were not being met and I was’nt being heard abd when I brought various things to her attention and what I wanted to do moving forward with ny mental health she didnt agree. Things got pretty heated to say the least so I cut her off.

In other news, in the past 3.5 weeks I have been dealing with horrible headaches, I went to my drs. & took the meds he prescibed me but still no relief. Went to urgent care got the pain med switched up cause the other med is a tier-med that is raised up over times in your system to a dosage that will work for you. Those pain pills didnt work.
So to the ER I go! I get a CT scan and by the grace of god everything is normal with my brian, he gives me another pain pill and this one seems to work pretty well, but I am running out of those very quickly & cant get into my doctor ubtil the 13th. The ER dr. says that the cause of my migranes are anxiety and stress.
On top of all of this is back in school again y’all, so my plate is a bit full.


Been Going Through It Lately.💙

So I finally made up my mind & decided to go for Human Services starting at the end of month. I have been a bit on edge lately and stressed out. It’s super hard trying to find a job in such a small town y’all. Got a bit overwhelmed the other day & had a break down, ugly crying & all.

I’m glad the weather has changed up & it’s cold out here now. Today it was in the 50’s & raining.
Recently I have been experiencing the worst headaches EVER & I can’t wait to go to my doctor on Friday.
Life has been a bit blah for me lately.

Sometimes I need a break from people who are’nt immeadiate family to me, because I don’t have time for their negative vibes & energy around me when i’m trying to do whats best for me. They seem to bring more stress and judgement to the situations than anything. You have to do whats best for you and your sanity reguardless to who understands it or not.

I’m hanging in there though.