To Texas & Back Again.

Hey Y’all!

Today makes 33 months with J and me. 2 years and 9 months. I’m feeling pretty refreshed y’all. I FINALLY went to Texas after 10 months of being here in Louisianna. It felt so good seeing my family & spendng some much needed quality time together. We had alot of fun visiting family and the neighbors. We went to the rodeo carnival & had some fried cheesecake. It was yummy y’all. Felt good to make some memories with my family & I brought back some things from home to make this place more home-like for me.
I decided to start trying to find some home decor things, but so far I have’nt found the exact pieces I want to use to decor our apartment with. It felt so good to go on a 2nd road trip with babes and even better to come back here and start to make it feel more like home. That vacation was much needed to help with all the home sickness.


More Me Time, Less Wasting My Time.

A copulw of days ago I closed a chapter in my life & I could’nt be happier about it. I QUIT MY JOB! The job that was causing me so much stress, the job that was’nt treating me right, the job that was’nt letting me see my family, the job that I worked so much my grades had starting slipping, my sleep schedule was completely off. This job was HELL.🤬🤬🤬( to put it nicely) They were so unprofessional I left them a message (only way I could get in touch with them) resigning & never heard a word back.
I personallly went & showed my face so to make sure they got the picture I was done and they did & had the nerve to say goodluck. As if i’m trying to win the lottery or something. It feels so good to have a break & take some time away to do what i want on my time. To not have to be under all these strict rules. I finally have time to focus alot more on school & my health, & some time to figure out my next move job wise.

I can’t wait til next month to FINALLY go vist my family, I havent seen them since last May. Sometimes we must do what’s best for us,even if those around us don’t understand it.


Just Another Day

So today is officially Valentine’s Day for some people across the world, but for me it’s just another day. I’m exhausted from work last night, so it’s a miracle i’m even awake right now to write this post. Guess cause i’m still in bed. I love that at least this year, i’m waking up next to him instead of apart from him like the years before. Grateful that we closed the distance last year and have celebrated alot of 1st holidays together as a real couple.

While the rest of the world is out tonight with thier special person celebrating their love etc. in whatever way they see fit. I will be at work, stressed out & ready to come back home. This job has really been rough lately esp. after a work related injury I substained & the careless actions that were shown towards me. Needless to say today started in tears at 12 AM from
me being overwhelmed and stressed.

We both have to work today so our valentine’s day is tomorrow & we are going out to dinner. At the end of the day today is’nt about fancy gifts and elaborate displays of affections, it’s about the love you share with that special someone out of everyone else in the world.

How are you spending today?


Need a break from it all…

Life has been such a struggle recently. This job is’nt working out at all for me. J & I are’nt seeing eye-to-eye at the moment. I really just want to go home for awhile, or just take a break from work. I can’t win for losing today it seems. Today has gone from bad to worse. Life just feels pointless today & I feel like giving up y’all. Maybe tomorrow will be better….today is all around depressing day for me. Just want to cry til no tears are left. So stressed out & emotional today….somebody pray for me.

31 Months As Team Us.

This week has been super busy with school starting again & of course work being a major stress zone and new rules being put into action. I try to soak up the little things with J as much as I can. Appreciating the little things and never taking for granted sleeping next to the one I love cause we know there was a time when we did’nt have all the luxuries we have now due to being L.D.R.

Every month that we are still together after closing the distance is one more month we have beat the statistic of just how often couples break up after closing the distance.

31 months. 2 years and 7 months. It may not seem like a long time to others, but to me it’s something to proud of coming from a LDR to Closing The Distance and being a normal couple.

-Norah Doll💖

Year In Review:2017

In 2017 I have faced alot of ups & downs. In Jan, I would still a Texas native still doing the LDR thing. In May, After 23 months we decided to CLOSE THE DISTANCE💖 & I moved to where my love resides. In July, we FINALLY got our own apartment, but sadly he lost his dad the next day.🙁

In September, I turned 30 & got my LA drivers Liscense. In October, Babes turned 31 & I got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.
Here’s what has happened for this month: I did’nt get to see my family for christmas due to work 💙 I finally got my car registered & inspected, & insurance changed over. Christmas was just the 2 of us at Denny’s this year due to once again me having to work. Today I have to work along with the next three days so not much going on here y’all.

Over all 2017 has had way more ups for me than downs, but i’m ready for 2018 & all the love & blessings that follow when the clock strikes 12 AM.


All At A Price

Today my little sister graduated from college. Yesterday after 3.5 long years of having my cousin’s kids they finally got adopted & became my brother & sister. All things I have missed out on due to being in another state and having a full-time job. I had been planning for a few weeks to go home the weekend before Christmas, those plans fell through today due to my home town getting some bad weather. My mom & I are’nt seeing eye-to-eye at the moment. She expects me to jump up & come down there when

I constantly have to work & my off days constantly change. Today has been extremely emotional. I lost it here at work twice in my car & the restroom on the phone with J. I wish my family would come see me but it’s always something happening as to when they will come here. I promise I love being here with J & all, & the fact that we are on our own, but it all comes at a price, a price of sacrificing important moments.
I will end this post before I cry again.
-Norah Doll