Made Up My Mind

So I have finally made up my mind to go & get my B.A. degree next month. I will be going part-time, which will take twice as long. It makes sense financially though and is the best decision for me overall.
I have a plan in order to not end up with so many loans in the end.
I’m excited about continuing my education & having J for support.
It’s going to be a long four years, full of scarifice, but the view from the top will definitely be worth the climb.

Also, I found me a frame & have my A.A. Degree on the wall…& I could’nt be more proud to see it as motivation to keep going.



Turning 31 & Other Good News…

I’m so happy to share that I turned 31 on Thursday. Babes & I went out to Olive Garden & the casino, which was pretty fun. I enjoyed every sip of my favorite wine y’all.
Crazy to think that Fall is here! I’m super excited about the cooler weather, such a much needed break from all this summer heat.

In other news, I finally got my degree in the mail today. 👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓🎓🎉
I could’nt be happier to finally physically have it.
Now my next mission is to find the perfect frame for it.

I’m quickly learning that i’m in control of my life & must do what makes me happy, not my family or anyone else. Been doing alot of reading lately & it’s been opening my eyes to alot.

I’m just so happy to have my AA degree done, as of now i’m on the fence about when or if I will be going for my bachelors or not.


Adulting Equals Winning Y’all…

So today i’m here at home with J being my sounding board discussing my options as to what path I want to take next…& I have finally had that 💡💡moment. Now i’m sure you are wondering what that moment is about: it involves my future…& it seems as if things are happening when they need to happen for me-best way I can describe it.

I have finally decided that I am going to go for my Bachelors Degree! I will still be going part-time as of now so it will take me 4 years to complete instead of 2….BUT THE DESTINATION IS STILL THE SAME!💯👩🏽‍🎓🤓

So tomorrow i’m going to call my advisor and see about getting set up for the Oct. 29th term.

Wish Me Luck Y’all,


🎉🎉🎉I Graduated Today!!!🎉🎉🎉👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓

So today is not only the 1st of September, and 19 days til my 31st birthday, but it is my graduation day! These last few weeks have been pretty overwhelming. Waiting on grades, looking for jobs, & hoping and praying that I could pass my last class all while wondering what is next for me.

finally finished my associate’s degree y’all. It has taken me alot of time, scarificing, & effort to finally accomplish this goal. I’m so proud of myself for completing something I have wanted for so long. So many people have said I shouldn’t or couldn’t do this. I should just give up. I wanted more for myself though. I needed more for myself.

So as I wait for my diploma from Southern New Hampshire University to arrive. I am proud of my determination to make it through to the other side. My strength & perseverance to push through when the road was rough & I was getting weak. Wanting to give up. J was a HUGE person who kept me sane and keeping me going to finish my goal, like y’all have no idea.   It feels so good to finish something so major, that I never thought would be possible. This is a major accomplishment in my life and i’m so happy to have this plat form to share this with.



Pushing Through…

Hey World!

I have been busy focusing on finishing up the term and getting my AA degree FINALLY. Thinking of my next move. I’m so ready for a mental & physical break it’s unreal y’all.
Been still looking for work and thinking about every thing under the sun. Anxiety is a bit high these days.

This month is flying by it seems. Fall seems to be right around the corner. J and I are doing really good. Monday starts my last 2 weeks & I can’t wait to get through these last 2 weeks. Somebody pray for me…pray I make it to the other side of actually obtaining this degree. Feels like i’m coming up on the longest 2 weeks ever.

Is anyone gearing up to head back to school this month?


A Trip To The ER Again…

So here recently I had to take a trip to the ER again for my blood sugar. According to the doctors it’s uncontrolled. My insulin is’nt working like it should to bring it down to a normal level like it was before. When I wake up in the A.M. my numbers are 248 and above. (Fun Fact: Normal levels are 135 & under.)

It got too high and I had to get insulin to bring it down. Luckily I did’nt have to stay over night. I have been tightening up on my diet and excersize, but it’s still not normalized. 😕 So thanks to my trip to the ER, I have found a new doctor and will be seeing him at the end of the month.

Things with J and I have been great. Can’t believe its been a whole year that he and I have had our apartment. Such a huge blessing!

School has been super exhuasting lately. I’m so glad i’m almost to the halfway point y’all. I can’t wait for next month to get here, so I can FINALLY be done with this degree & take a MUCH NEEDED break.
It’s been a long 2 full years (with a week break here & there)of being in school. 2 years of no summer vacations. 2 years of straight scarifices. 2 years of such hard work and perseverance.
I will be so ecstatic to get my AA degree. It’s taken forever, but i’m almost done. Almost to the finish line y’all.

What goals are you in the process of accomplishing?

4th of July & other ramblings.

Hey y’all!

Life has been busy. We spent 4th of July at a festvial followed by some fireworks. We had BBQ also. It was a nice night out for a change. I FINISHED abnormal psychology with an A, i’m extremely proud of that. I’m currently taking my last class of my AA degree and it seems to be dragging y’all. Like how slow can 8 weeks go?

This weather has been gloomy and rainy lately, all in all life is okay. Been taking care of my mental and physical health alot better lately.

How are y’all?
How is life treating you?