Hello August.

I Can’t believe it is August already. My birthday is next month & i’m really looking forward to it. I’m excited to have another year almost conquered. If only time would go a bit faster so I could see if i’m going to pass this math class.📚 That would be awesome. Say a prayer for me.

I have been studying hard and really want to get past this math course. Statistics is a rough class. What is everyone looking forward to this month?

I’m looking forward to less anxiety more peace. Finishing the term strong is a huge goal at the moment.

What goals do you have for the month?



Alot Has Been On My Mind.📝

Hello World,

Been thinking alot about my life and life after college, specifically student loan repayment. I am going to have a decent amount to pay back. I can’t wait to graduate. It feels like time is going by so slow.
I’m still looking for work here in this small town. Just part-time for now since i’m a full time student & don’t want to overwhelm myself.

I have been thinking of ways to be healthier, such as excersizing and eating healthier items. My anxiety seems to always be high so i’m practicing taking things day by day than thinking about 20 years from now etc. I really am focused on finding the best plan of action for paying off student loans. School is so expensive, but I know it will put me in a better position later than where i’m at currently.

I recently went and got a notebook for just my finances. A place where I can budget each month and see how much I owe in student loans in order to pay back later.

I’m hoping to find a part-time job & save as much as I can.

4 Years.

So i’m glad to have had a long talk with J and i’m so glad that we have been together 4 years today. Today is pretty busy but we are going to celebrate this evening.
It’s crazy how much has happened in 4 years. We have our ups & downs, but we work things out.
We love each other & grow more as a couple each month. We balance each other out. I get in my feelings a lot, but that has alot to do with my ADHD & anxiety been extreme lately.
I’m just glad to have J and be together to celebrate 4 years.


Personal Finance Class is More Like A Personal Mistake.

So this new term has been very stressful. I’m passing one class & severely struggling in the other. This personal finance class has alot more math in it that I wasn’t prepared for. I’m staying in the class those and trying my hardest to push through it. Financial math equations are the worse y’all.

My anxiety has been on level 10 for at least 2 weeks now, it’s been very very emotional for me lately.

I can’t believe it’s June, which means J & I will celebrating 4 years this month. Pretty proud about that. It has been such a long road for us- ldr life to closed distance life.

Right now, I’m just focusing on passing these classes, next term i’m taking a required math class, that once again i’m not looking forward to. Math is not my strong area as you can tell.

Any who, personal finance is definitely turning into more of a personal nightmare for me. I’m just praying I can pass with a D, which passing at my university.

Keep pushing y’all,


You Need to Hear This.

So glad to have passed my class in last term. It feels good to be a full-time student and working hard towards my goal of finishing my BA degree. It feels good to be doing what works for me; even if others around me don’t understand. Life is about finding yourself. It’s a journey we all must take. Life goes at different paces not everyone is destined to end up in the exact same place.

I have learned alot in my twenties that have made me a better person here in my 30’s. You have to remember to love yourself, take care of yourself, and value yourself. Alot of people are not worth a second thought cause they are’nt writing the chapters of your life. We all must keep going and push through the hard times. You may get tired & need to rest, but don’t quit. Don’t quit on yourself, you deserve the best.


Hate Waiting

So i’m done with the term as of yesterday. Yet i’m still waiting on grades to post so I can know for certain if I passed or not. This course has been rough y’all. Hoping to pass and have my grades by mid-week.

The waiting for grades to post is still driving me bonkers. Some people are just procrastinators y’all.

It’s so extremely hard to relax with everything up in the air with my course still.

I really hate waiting. 😒



As I write this I just submitted my final project for my psych-211 course. To say this term has been stressful is being nice. Currently I have a 3.2 GPA. I have an A- in the course currently, still waiting on some grades to post though. I am a bit of perfectionist. I want to get good grades, and have an awesome GPA. My advisor has told me that I will pass this course, and understands that I hold myself to a high standard within my courses, I just want to be successful at this university thing & finish undergrad.

I promise my anxiety gets the best of me alot lately. I take a break when I need one and focus on me & the journey I am on.

I’m extremely determined to graduate, so much that I am going full-time next month. I feel that college is very anxiety producing with all the things you must do in order to be successful and pass the courses. My goal is almost all my courses is to obtain an A, math is the exception to this rule though. I can’t wait to graduate and hopefully my anxiety won’t be as high as it is currently.

How do you deal with anxiety & college?